What is Barosse?
Unique sensory experience

Barosse invites you on a journey through the senses. Exquisite details in your rooms. Music and expert hands that pamper body and mind. Genuine flavors and aromas of this mythical land. Nature and infinite spaces. Warmth and calm. Shared emotions. Let yourself be captivated.

What is Barosse?
Know us
Two authors and a unique style.
The Barosse experience would be impossible without your hosts. José and Gustavo have been able to capture the essence of the beautiful environment that surrounds them to transform it into a personal style that transmits peace in each of the corners, and that makes this place so special.
Barosse is born
Barosse was born from a dream
A dream that emerged from the unconditional love we feel for this nature of overwhelming beauty, and the desire to share it with all of you. An innovative concept of Rural Tourism led us to create the Barosse Space as a place to let emotions flow, a place where the senses can fly towards infinite spaces. For us, a guest is a new friend, and is unique, special. Your stay in the Barosse will be an experience that will capture you and never leave you.

Do you dare to dream?

Our name and its origins

Barós, located on the slopes of the Peña Oroel, is a small district 3 km from Jaca located at 933 meters above sea level, which allows you to enjoy a wide panoramic view of the Jaca countryside and the Pyrenees.
Although its toponym may have pre-Roman origin, its existence is not documented until the year 1062, when “Scemeno monako de Barosse” (Jimeno. Monk of Barós) is cited, and in 1084 King Sancho Ramírez donated it to alms. of the Jaca Cathedral.

Our name and its origins
Type of stays
What type of stays do you want?
At Barosse our priority is to take care of you down to the last detail, that's why we have different approaches for each type of stay. Romantic stays, relaxing stays, and from Barosse to the sky.
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