hotel ideal para parejas escapada rural romantica relax gourmet turismo de naturaleza y deporte y nieve en el pirineo huesca
Barosse for a romantic getaway by Antonina Lobanova

New Year 2016… We were considering several options for how to celebrate it. Some of the options considered were: At home, in Russia, with 'Olivier' salad, tangerines, Soviet champagne and presidential speech when the Kremlin clock strikes followed by typical Russian musical programs. At home, in Spain, with ham, croquettes, Rioja wine and loud family conversations in Spanish. Visit a great European city…

rincones por descubrir en huesca en hotel rural escapada rural only adults en el pirineo aragones y catalan hotel con encanto estancia increible
The Wonderful World of Cycle Tourism By Lot Abraham Bartolomé

If you are one of the people who has to see all the “attractions” of a country in a single trip and you love trips scheduled until the last second, these paragraphs do not interest you. If, on the other hand, you like to improvise and take the pulse of the daily life of the inhabitants of the places you visit, perhaps you should continue reading. The bicycle as a means…

descansar y reconectar en hotel rural con encanto para dos en pareja en el pirineo aragones en la jacetania de huesca en estancia relax romantica o gourmet
TO BE HAPPY IS TO BE WISE By María Dolores Águila González

I would like to understand why, when we have a birthday and change our number, our “wires get crossed,” and we systematically enter into days that we could define as unfriendly to our “inner self.” An intense rage takes over reason, invading our entire person, and melancholy we reflect on what we have been, without giving respite to the possibilities that await us in the...

LA JACETANIA By Chema Martínez

The visitor who seeks to encounter nature in Jacetania will find a territory full of landscapes in which geology, climate and culture have left their mark, generating a territory full of personality. Surely anyone who decides to embark on discovering their essence will find a space with which they can identify. Talking about Jacetania is talking about the region…

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We have incorporated this new section into our “blog” in which we will collect interesting collaborations, very varied and without any common thread in particular, that our friends, clients, and clients give us...
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