General Services
  • Only adults.
  • Free WiFi
  • Breakfast menu
  • Restaurant (dinners)
  • Picnic Service
  • Honesty bar.
  • Living room/library with fireplace.
  • Spa & sauna (private use).
  • Spa garden (private use). (1)
  • Laundry service.
  • Garden.
  • Electric car charger & Tesla. (2)
  • Pampering... massages and treatments.
  • Mini Boutique.
  • Pets (3)


(1) From June to September.
(2) Charging at destination (only for hosted customers). 11KW. The charging schedule is adapted to the availability of power.
(3) Only in Ermita room -consult restrictions-.

Advice & Concierge
  • Tourist information.
  • Route organisation.
  • Restaurant reservations.




Type of stays
What type of stays do you want?
At Barosse our priority is to take care of you down to the last detail, that's why we have different approaches for each type of stay. Romantic stays, relaxing stays, and from Barosse to the sky.
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