Sustainability and Circular Economy

Barosse is firmly committed to Sustainability and the Circular Economy. It is the future of Tourism… there is no other way.

These measures must be understood within an improvement plan and a guide to follow as a commitment to more sustainable tourism.

We give priority in management to the following environmental and social measures:

– We apply product and supplier selection criteria that reduce the environmental impact and favor the local producer (native or local varieties, favoring organic farming and fair trade, menu design with local products...)

– We apply waste reduction and reuse policies if hygienic-sanitary standards allow it (bulk products, purchasing products from returnable containers, picnics without packaging and we avoid disposable products)

– We carry out selective waste collection

– We apply saving measures in resource consumption (100% LED low-consumption lighting, water reducers, dual-flush bathrooms, heating with a condensing propane gas boiler for DHW and underfloor heating and A++ air conditioning, energy efficiency in household appliances…)

– We collect rainwater in a 2500 l tank. using it for irrigation.

– Use of ecological cleaning products

– Use of 100% certified green energy.

– Use of double or triple glass windows to avoid heat loss.

– Reuse of towels proposed to clients.

– We promote biodiversity on the farm by placing nesting boxes for birds, insect hotels, feeders, etc…

– Promotion of biological control of “pests”. We apply organic fertilizers.

– We have two charging points for Tesla and generic electric vehicles.

– Calculation of the carbon footprint. Application of an emissions compensation policy (in process)

– We support conservation projects with donations to conservation NGOs.

– All the stone in the house – more than 150,000kg used – is recovered from an old pardina in the uninhabited area of Paternoy.


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